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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I HEART 'The Hills'

Aaaahhhh 'The Hills'... I love EVERYTHING about that show! It's so spectacular.

Sure, Spencer is a total Gomer, but Heidi deserves him, she's spineless. AND, she's making an album... HeLLo?!? Can you even imagine her singing. She is the new P. Hilton. It shouldn't be long before she stops wearing knickers and flashes her YAH for all the world to see. And, somehow Spencer will market that as his doing and she'll give him credit for what a fab idea it was to go in public without any underwear, like it something ingenous that has never been done before ... and I can hardly wait! They deserve each other... it contains the damage.

Last night's episode made my heart smile. I especially loved the part when L.C., Lo and Audrina are sitting around talking about "Justin Bobby". It makes me laugh everytime they call that dirt bag "Justin Bobby". (Who, I shamefully admit, I think is kind of cute in a sketchy-shaddy-I'd-never-let-him-date-anyone-I-know kind of way.) Anyway, I love when Audrina is crying over "Justin Bobby" and L.C. says "Did you really want to date a guy who wears combat boots to the beach? I don't think you do." (or something like that, I am paraphrasing). Like that's a deal breaker! But, it reminds me so much why girls are so awesome. BFFs totally do stuff like that. About 5 years ago, I had a mad crush on some guy and when it was all over one of my friends said to me "I am glad you're over that guy, he had a huge head and no upper lip." I hardly remember the guy, but she made him sound so unattractive AND IT WORKED!

But, does it seem like Lauren is drunk a lot more than she used to be? Eeewwww, I hope she has to go to rehab. Would we get to see that or is that outside the bounds of her Reality T.V. contract? Drunk DOES = great television. Remember when Lauren was hitting on that London boy she called a "jackpot" and she turned to Whitney and said "Tell me if he's cute, because I am really drunk." Whitney said "No." The London hopeful heard the whole thing and she STILL went home with him... LOVE IT.

Speaking of deplorable T.V. obsessions of mine... Tonight Miami Ink cast-off Kat Von D is going to interview John Tucker himself on L.A. Ink and give him a tat to overcome his alledged heart break. I can hardly wait!

I love TiVo!


Paige said...

Hold up..Who is he heart broken over? I don't think I knew who he was dating. I love the hills. I love how Heidi's mom is telling her and Spencer that she is concerned that things ended with her and L.C. She is smart.

Ali B. said...

They never said who broke Jesse's heart. But he got porn tattoed on his arm, they even had to blur out the tattoo. Classy!

Baker and Jenny said...

Ali.. I have to tell you something. So you know Justin "Bobby"? Well that is Justin Brecia.. dated him in high school (If that is even what you do then). And when his hair is not long and grungy he actually is not bad to look at. But I really can't believe I just admitted to dating him.. Love Love Love this show though!

Ali B. said...

Jenny!!! - Wow. The intern at work and I have some important questions to ask you about Justin Bobby. (1) Did he go by Justin Bobby when you dated him? (2) Is he really that big a dirt bag? (3) Why is he so shifty eyed? (4) WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Ok, I am done... go!

Baker and Jenny said...

Ali- I know I know.. I am totally embarrassed to even admit to it, But here are the answers to your questions. He didn't go by Justin Bobby.. just plain old Justin.. or just plain old Brecia. Like you would go by Brinkerhoff, or I like Box. I would like to say that he isn't that big of a dirt bag, but like i said it was YEARS ago that I even dated him. He was a normal little surfer kid. I have no idea about his eyes but am almost surprised that he is straight. He does hair. In fact, now that I mention it.. ask Cori about the time I came home with the haircut that I hated and cried for the night.. if she remembers.. tell her that was Justin Bobby.