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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Go Fug Yourself...

Have any of you ever gone to that website??? It's my fave! Here's the link. A friend of mine turned me onto it a while back, there are few things I enjoy more than than the witty likes of Heather and Jessica celebrity/fashion bashing.

I hardly ever get to check it, because it seems like I am just really busy or something. However, since I am the enrichment counselor in my ward, I have to make 50 cupcakes for a cake decorating class tomorrow... (I used 3 boxes or cake mix and I am still a few cupcakes short - shhhhh don't tell). So, I am sitting in my living room/dining room/kitchen, (what?!? My apartment is way small - but, it's actually kind of great because I can sit on the couch, watch TV and cook without even having to move... aaahhhh) and I am remembering why and how much I love this website. I have linked some of my favorite entries throughtout the years.

  • Most of you should know by now how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nicole Richie (almost as much as Lionel) and also how I dislike Paris (the Hilton, not the city), so clearly this one rocked.
  • I dislike Jessica Simpson even more than P. Hilton ... she just loves herself WAY too much it's just SO annoying.
  • As quoted from the website and echoed by moi "Here’s the thing: I love Posh and Becks. She’s so deliciously tacky and he’s so…you know, extremely hot in that No, No, Don’t Speak sort of way. He looks luscious. She looks like her stage name is Luscious." Throw Crazy TomKat and a few other celebs in the mix and aaahhh... Posh's show about coming to America was SO awesome (for real though).
  • This one is just so funny.

Hopefully you all get the point... it's just a highly entertaining website... for any of you that have free time.

*Also check out this beauty from Paige's Page.

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