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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Ultimate One-piece!

About a year ago, I moved about 20 minutes closer to work... which is HEAVEN! Anyway, that put me in an entirely different ward (which is a church congregation for my three non-Mormon friends). In my new ward, there was a guy that I had known growing up, albeit not well. His name is Steve Daines (which will make the story more funny, if you know him). So we were chatting one day...

Ali: You probably don't remember this, but my family went with your family and the Bodens to Lake Tahoe when we were in Junior High.
Steve: Yea, I kind of remember that, but not really. Did we make out?
Ali: No, I don't think so, but it wasn't your fault that you didn't have game, I had to wear a one-piece.
Steve: Oh, that makes sense.

The reason I am reminded of this story now is because my roommate sent me this link, so I could buy an new bathing suit, at an end-of the summer price.

Here is the website

I am pretty sure, these girls are NEVER going to get lucky!

Not even in an Amish community!


f*bomb. said...

Ahhhmmm, I wouldn't speak so soon, Ali B!
I am ordering them in BULK so we will ALL have something APPROPRIATE to wear in this summerfest called Huntington. The reception so far is overwhelmingly good- just look how many of us have committed on Blogg to be more WholesomeWear!

Clean Slate said...

I'm still trying to figure out if they're serious about the whole business. I mean, there's modest, and then there's "let's try to make chastity belts into a fashion accessory."
Though I've seen plenty of women who could use one of these rather than the skimpy little bikini their gut is spilling out of.

Traci said...

Foxxy would be so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about the Birkini, it is basically a birka for the beach made for hindu women it makes these amish suits look trampy.