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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bringin' Sexy Back???

Did you know that J.T. is no longer a mouseketeer???
Me neither.
Did you know that he's no longer a Backdoor Boy???
Me neither.
Guess, he said Bye,bye,bye to them! - Suckers.
Did you know that he doesn't date Britney anymore? or Cameron... it's Jessica Beil now.
Thanks to People Magazine I do know that! (At least I think I know that).
Did you know that he makes William Rast jeans???
Those are some NICE jeans for girls like me who are built like 12-year-old boys.

Turns out he has his own solo career... who knew?!? And, apparently he's had this said "solo career" for a while. Because last night my girlfriends and I went to his 100th concert. As you can tell, we didn't really know many of the songs.

But, did you know that the Staples Center has the most divine garlic fries???

Anyway, back to the point. Joe gave me tickets to see Justin. These blessed tickets were not cheap. But, most of the groupies were. What's up with the young folks wearing shirts and calling them dresses? If you bought it in the "shirt" section of the store WEAR IT AS A SHIRT WITH PANTS for the love of everything good and holy - not a dress. Do we need to re-instate geranimals? Kids these days - geez.

Which reminds me, I saw a man in a red Grand Prix today wearing a denim button-up shirt AND no pants!!! What the??? Creepy!!! I was in Long Beach, which might explain it, but it was still WRONG!

Which reminds me. It costs $100 to buy a hoodie that says "Bringing Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake" - can we say rip off?!?

Which reminds me, this post is about the Justin Timberlake concert... oh yeah, now I remember what I was doing...

So, basically this was how the concert went. We got there late and totally missed Good Charlotte, who I actually like (and not just because Joel Madden knocked up Nicole Richie - who you all know I love - although, that certainly DID foster more love for them), they are actually a pretty good band. But, nonetheless, we missed them. But, we did see J.T. And, there was a lot of dancing, some strippers, some old school costumes, lots of lights, lots of bass and a whole lot of "wait, I think I know this song... oh, no I don't". Then Timbaland came on and added some hip hop. I REALLY wanted them to do "Apologize", but since One Republic was no where in sight, I was pretty sure that wouldn't happen... and it didn't. Cori's favorite part was when Timbaland pumped up "Since U Been Gone", she leaned over and said, "I like this song, I know my Hilary Duff!" Don't worry guys, I corrected her, that's actually Kelly Clarkson right? Robin surprised us by actually knowing some J.T. songs! We danced anyway! And, then we all tried to bring sexy back all night. I am pretty sure we failed miserably.

But, all-in-all, J.T., he's pretty good. He had some sweet moves. But, he needs to keep his hair short, I mean real short, because last night he was bringing Brilo back, and it was not sexy.

When we left, all I wanted J.T. to bring back was my hearing. It's still not 100%


Seymour Glass said... indoor concerts you should wear earplugs. beats never hearing those frequencies again.

and as for Cori's total pop music gaffe, sit down and watch this video (
with her. the kid that appears from about 2:36-2:38 is perhaps the single happiest kid ever captured on film. thanks to Pitchfork's 100 greatest videos of all time for exposing me to the happy kid.

Brett said...

Okay, that panel of pics is so raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad that I made it my computer Wallpaper! Be mine forever...


Vanilla Vice said...

I love him. I don't know if you read my blog on JT but I pretty much want to marry him. Damn that Jesica Biel!

The last Unicorn said...

Not only do I love JT... but I love pictures where Robins mouth is wide open with her tongue hanging out. That alone tells me you girls had a fabulous time... jealous!!!!

ThomCarter said...

I congratulate you for going to this concert. This Timberlake kid I here is very popular with the ladies. I didn't know that sexy was out and that it needed to be brought back . . . but good for him.

Sounds like he's doing well for himself. I wonder what he does for his day job. He can't be that successful if he has only done 100 concerts. That is only working twice a week for a year. I am worried about him. How does he pay his cell bill?

ThomCarter said...

PS - maybe he can get on dancing with the stars, then he could make some money. I hope that comes true. Or he can go on that show, The Singing Bee, with that nice kid from the Greek Wedding movie. He would do well with that.