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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

No Fair!

I have known Reyna since I was 8! She's like a sister (except, she may like me better). I love her so very much. She has the best cuticles and such nice eyebrows (just ask my mom!)

I lived with her when she and her husband fell in love, in the glorious Windsor Apartments of Provo... just she and I and some REALLY weird girl who broke up with her fiancée because she didn't like the way his S sounded when he talked. Picky much?!? (I'd like to note that she got married like 5 years ago, for everyone accusing me of being too picky - take that!) We would have loved to get rid of her (whatever her name was), but her dad owned the townhouse, so that was tricky!

Reyna's husband Seth is the most fabulous guy EVER. He cooks. He cleans. He brings Reyna 64 oz. Diet Cokes after his morning jog and before heading off to work. He knows how much I should ask for "Hostile Fire Pay" working here in Pomona and advises me to ask for $225 more a month for taking the risk. Plus, he has dimples! Fabulous I tell you!

If I have to practice polygamy, I am totally being the second wife! I could gab with Reyna for hours day-in-day-out. (She finds me SO hilarious, while I maintain she is far more witty than I). And, I know Seth would bring me a 64 oz diet coke too while Rey and I make divots on the couch and watch TiVo... aaaaaahhhhh.

Basically, Reyna has a semi-charmed life! And, while I think she deserves it. It really is no fair.

Because 2 years ago she got this guy!

And, then 4 months ago, she got these TWO! Twins!

She called me all distressed when she heard the news. To ease her pain and anguish, I, being the totally selfless person I am, volunteered to take one. I wasn't going to be picky, I said I'd take whichever one she liked the least! Or even the ugly one, if that happened to be the case.

But, as we can see, they are both perfect! AND, SHE KEPT THEM BOTH!
Rey, I would like you to know that because of your selfishness, I now want to steal about 10% of all children I see. Mothers beware! You couldn't have given me just ONE?!?

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Reyna said...

Awwwww! Could you be nicer? Thanks so much for reminding me how very lucky I am! Seth would love to bring you diet coke (I'm drinking mine this very moment)any day. I've also informed him that should I die, you should be one he marries. Isn't that just about the creepiest compliment you've ever received? It's certainly the creepiest compliment I've given....

Come sit on my couch SOON!