To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ask-a-guy day?!?

We had one of these last night. Ask-a-guy day. It was funny.

So, there's this guy who just moved into our ward, Aaron. He doesn't really know anyone, so he hangs out with us (at least that's the only reason I can figure he hangs out with us - we are sort of a tough crowd - Robin, Cori, Wendy and I). He says we're funny. We'll take it. It's quite fabulous having him around. But, we are sort of brutal. I am pretty sure that I spent the better part of last night laughing and taunting about how high he used to wear his pants. (But, they WERE ridiculously high!)

Anyway, the other night we decided that it was odd that he'd spent hours on end with us, road trip, sporting events, dinners, I mean a lot of time. And, we all LOVE it, but he never asks any questions. So the girls and I were talking about this and we communially decided it was weird. He hadn't asked any of us what we did for work, where we were from, last name... you know basic stuff. So we made him guess last night. It was funny! He didn't know much about us, but what he didn't know he made up, which was almost more fun. We also made him answer all our questions SERIOUSLY for 13 minutes. I think it was pretty rough for him. We all decided that we hope he doesn't get bored of us, we'd like to keep him around.

On that note, I am driving to work today (a little late I might add, hair still wet, kinda look like I got hit by a truck or fought with a cat - I wish you all could see me). Well, my usual nerdy talk radio program was again talking about Catholic Priests and Altar Boys. Yawn!!! So, I decided to listen to something else. So, on Star 98.7 they had "Ask-a-guy" day. There were all these women calling in and asking these totally legit questions. It was hilarious. I will give you some of the highlights.

Caller #1: Why do guys not notice ANYTHING? For example, I got my hair cut 12 inches and dyed it a totally different color and my boyfriend didn't even notice.
Guy: That's too easy. He's too busy looking at your boobs to notice your hair.
Caller #1: And the other day I got new shoes and he didn't notice.
Guy: What? New shoes? Who cares? Still looking at your boobs.

Caller #2: What is up with men being totally fixated with their own poop?
Guy: It's cool. It's neat. It's like something we created. Sometimes we call in our buddies to see how well we did.
Caller #2: That's just gross.
Guy: We're guys, that's what we do. Talk about poop and look at boobs.

Caller #3: Why can't a guy listen to an entire story from start to finish?
Guy: What? Sorry, I didn't hear the whole questions, IT WAS TOO LONG.

Aaron, get ready... I pretty sure we didn't play it right last night. This will be our next activity. Ladies, start thinking up your questions.


Robin said...

That's why guys listen to me, notice my hair, AND compliment my new boobs...figures.

And yes, who doesn't like a little testosteron hanging around? More please!!! Aaron, My hand feels empty...

Ali B. said...

Robin! Stop, you're going to scare him away... he doesn't like compliments or affection... you need to start paying attention!