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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blast from the Past Photo Gallery

So, every year Joe buys me a new camera. I just got my new one. He's such a cute guy (the camera - not my boss, although I guess he's cute enough too). He's shiny and new (thanks for that line Madona - I use it frequently). It's a Canon 7.1 MP and it's tiny. I love him (once again, the camera - not my boss, although I guess he's alright - today).
Anyway, I currently have 3 digital cameras. I feel like I should give at least one back for the field guys to use. So, I just spent the morning purging the old photos. There were some that were WAY too cute not to publish for all to view.

Courtney, Ali, Julie and Kellie

Spils and I - Powderpuff

John Kilpatrick - Orange County Fair 2007 - He was such a good sport! This was the least compromising of the poses I made him do!

Lori & Robin - Robin's 21st Birthday.

Ali & Cori - San Jose, Costa Rica - New Year's Eve. (Someone convinced us that whatever you do at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve will foreshadow the future for the year to come... so Cori and I went BIG - Wedding in a foreign country. I think we got confused, apparently we were supposed to MOVE to the foreign country and that's why we are still not married... that's all I can come up with.
P.S. Neither of us were drinking, but we look hammered because it's like 3 AM!

Cori and Paul - San Jose, Costa Rica - New Year's Eve

Melissa Thornton

Jenn Hemsley playing Reindeer Games

Traci and Stacey

Jenn "Gutter" Anderson, J.J., Ali, Claire "Monkey" Manville, Kellie and Mindy

Mrs. Kara (Pahoajawich) Meyers and Ali (Disneyland 2007)

The Murdering Mermaids (Part I) - Cori, Ali, Robin and Melissa


The last Unicorn said...

There is no way that was Robin's 21rst Birthday. I just bought that shirt this year! Well... lets say it was her 21rst. That makes me 23... and it's a good thing. That gives more a lot more time before I have to worry about being old when I try to have children :)

Robin said...

Who cares what my said age is...look at the picture! I look pretty much nasty, but who can delete a picture documenting a birthday? Don't take it down Ali. I need to love my pretty and not-so-pretty self.