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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

We wanted to get a away for the weekend. So, sort of last minute, we all decided to just go. We got ONE hotel room and packed 8 people in it. Good thing the J.W. Marriott makes some HUGE rooms!

So, what better place to be than Las Vegas?!? Two breakdowns later (one mental and one automotive - neither by me), 5 pee stops (Dan asked if Jolene even had a bladder) and one hug for Bob later, we arrived in Vegas.
The weather was a beautiful 115 degrees. I am not sure why people weren't flocking there!?!
On the way up we played truth or dare, like a bunch of grade schoolers, we were just ridiculous and it was fabulously entertaining.
We went to celebrate the last free weekend before school for Cori, a birthday for Wendy, a Wedding for Karen's sister and a day off for the rest of us!
But, we didn't exactly get the warmest welcome. This man told us we made him sick. Good thing I am not a liberal, turns out they are only slightly more vile in Vegas than we Mormons are.

We had so much fun playing by the pool and dragging the strip. I couldn't be pulled away from the Bellagio fountains! I just love them. But, there were other things to do, see, smell and touch in Vagas and a few of us hadn't been there in a while.

Dan awkwardly pawed at this statuesque beauty.

The girls were not impressed by his skills and decided to show him how it should be done.

Robin decided that predictive text was a worthless function. "They don't have nipple... or stripper... or reservations?" She practiced her moves even though she couldn't quickly text about them...

Aaron practiced his moves... even the cougars in the pool couldn't resist his charms. Too bad he can't... (j.k. I am not going to blog about it, but only because he voluntarily rubbed my feet - brave man!)

Dan perfected the art of taking a bubble bath, which provided hours upon hours of laughter.

Jolene was trying to teach me to be sexy or something. (CLEARLY, it was just about as productive as Steven trying to make me cool.) The fact that I look like a fish is a little disconcerting! Although this game face still got us into the clubs. We went to Tangerine in Treasure Island and were somehow let into the V.I.P. area. We saw Nicky Hilton. (She was way cuter than I had previously thought and she had on a darling little black dress!) Jolene was thrilled for the celebrity sighting. We also heard that B. Spears was in town, so sad we missed her... she IS sort of a fascinating train wreck.

I am pretty sure I fell in love with the welcoming comittee for the Venetian. I also fell in love with the stores there. (I got THE most fabulous Kate Spade bag - thanks Joe... still).

By Sunday evening we were totally spent! We couldn't even hold out for chairs to sit down in.

So we drove home to get foot massages by the maestro of feet (thanks Aaron) and tattoos (a.k.a. "tramp stamps") by the only slightly less talented Robin. We made the J.W. Marriot room 4140 our own private L.V. Ink!

What more could we ask for?!?

The ride home made us laugh only slightly less than the drive out. Robin had to pee SO badly she was near tears, which was so funny to us! She said "you guys bladders DO explode right? I mean it HAS happened right? Tell me about it, I need to know!" We pulled over to use the restroom in Baker and she did the old-man shuffle to the bathroom. A few minutes later I went in to see if she made it. (Mind you, at this point her pants are totally unbuttoned and she is cradling her yaw to ensure she doesn't wet herself.) When I walked in she was about the 15th person in a 20 person line. At this point I think there WERE tears. I told her she should walk across the street and use the restroom at Coco's instead of wasting time getting into the car again. I told her we'd meet her there. To which her half naked self said "you want me to jaywalk???" I found it hilarious, that being her biggest concern given the dire circumstances. I laughed my way back to the car.

Cori was a little bit disappointed "You have all this funny material for your blog and I haven't even said anything funny yet!!!" - I thought that was pretty funny. There you go, Cor. You made it!

I kind of want to go back again next week...


ThomCarter said...

Sounds like you lived the Labor Day dream!

Cori said...

This was one of the best roadtrips! My sides still hurt from all the laughing. I am a little sad you didn't mention the new nicknames that were given out or the third nipple. Yes, I said nipple. This was how Robin discovered it was unavailable in predictive text. We also soon discovered that stripper not in predictive.

Paige said...

Whats with you having all these new friends. You know how I feel about new people. Ha ha. But seriously...

Ali B. said...

New friends??? who???

Thomcarter? - I don't actually know him, he's my blog friend. Hopefully, someday I'll meet him. He seems cool!

Jolene I have know since I was 11, to her, you are "new".

And, Cori you know.

The others are "new" I guess.

But, here's a better question - what's up with all my friends getting married or moving away, huh?

The last Unicorn said...

I've grabbed those boobs before. They are pretty nice... but I prefer real ones :) Sounds like you all had a blast! I wouldn't expect anything less from that group.

m spot said...

OH MAN! I want to play! (guess who was in town labor day weekend and very lonely with none of you guys at church?)