To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Livy Kate!

My niece is the cutest, sweetest 6-year-old to ever grace Texas with her presence.

And, she has the unfortunate luck of being the sole child on this earth that is almost an identical replica of my childhood personality, talent and charm... (if that's what you call it!)

So, happy Birthday (a day late) Livy Kate!

Here are a few pointers for the rest of your life...

~ You will learn someday that you do not ACTUALLY have to yell everything... people do hear you, they are just choosing to ignore you! ~

~ Climbing down the stairs will get easier, you will only trip and fall a handful of times in your adult life, but going up, that might NEVER get easier. ~

~ Keep on asking the postman, the cable guy and any other random service men their names and never stop telling them how much you love them, that will make for some REAL interesting stories when your older (plus they'll probably fix everything for free). ~

~ Don't ever stop smiling! It makes you the most charming little girl ever and it will draw people to you as an adult. ~

~ Always be as confident and comfortable in your own skin as you are now. It’s a gift no one can take from you unless you let it go. ~

~ When your mom gets out the camera, put pants on! When your my age, you'll totally wish you were wearing pants in at least one of your childhood photos. ~

~ Always be kind to you baby brother and your big sister, someday soon they will be your very best friends, and the rotten stuff is hard to forget! ~

I love you pretty girl!


Erin said...

Hey, how was PR? We can't wait to go! Your house is perfect! Can I come visit??

Ali B. said...

Erin... it was fabulous. You guys will love it. The kids will love playing on the beach... By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY cuz. Have so much fun. Come visit anytime!