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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Puerrrrrrrrrrto Rico - Arriba Arriba!

There are SO many things I loved about Puerto Rico!

1.) First off, the scenery could not have been any better!

2.) The company was Top Notch! (I've decided to add this to my daily vernacular, I need to use more British words, currently I only frequent "wanker", but I LOVE it!) The 5 of us little ladies deemed ourselves ridiculously entertaining!

3.) My Aunt Lori and Uncle Dirk live in a beautiful condo right on Condado Beach... divine. Check out the view from their place! Not bad! Those two were so beyond gracious! What can I say, they are still hands down my favorites! Lori cooked us all amazing meals and Dirk made sure we knew exactly what we were doing and where we were going, which was nice because the GPS system was spotty at best. All the girls wanted to adopt the Puerto Rican Brinkerhoff's.

4.) Miss Air Flamenco 2008 was a RAD driver!

5.) The weather was divine! It rained off and on a few times, but the temperature never fell below 72 - can we say paradise!?!

6.) This trip was so well documented that I believe we could open a museum!

7.) We met some Goldman Sachs guys in the pool, and in addition to bragging about their lives and careers while in their drunken stupor, they gave us some wildly entertaining conversational topics and a few great restaurant recommendations!

There are also a few things that I did NOT love about PR.

1.) 12.5 hours on the way there and 13.5 on the way back! Are you kidding me!?! Every flight I had was SERIOUSLY delayed! I sat next to this hot little Aussie on the way home and he told me it took 13.5 hours to get to Melbourne Australia... understandable, because that's a different continent, but PR is NOT!

2.) Ummmmmm.... I mean no disrespect to Miss Air Flamenco 2008 - but, that plane ride was SHADY! There was a little sticker on the window that said "May God Bless This Flight!" - Never a good sign! And, um the 18-year-old who was flying the plane could not have been and LESS interested in keeping us alive. I echo the sentiment of the gentleman who occupied one of the 8 seats in the plane, he happened to be right behind me and as we were about to land he blurted out "Holy [insert expletive]! Does anyone else feel like we are in a video game here?!?"

3.) The Puerto Ricans sure don't know how to make any beach towels that A.) put any sort of chasm between the human body and the sand or B.) absorb ANY water whatsoever. Good thing we created the "long-term loan" policy with the parking lot attendant at the Ritz, borrowing 3 of theirs for 3 or 4 days!

4.) That fine sand permanently jacket up my camera and my purse!

5.) I can still hear those roosters in my head!


Jordan said...

Those pictures are amazing! What kind of camera do you have? Now I can't wait to go to PR in 3 weeks!!

PS - My mom is still talking about you and your girlfriends; she LOVED having you.

heman said...

wow!! you even know how to write in spanish!!! that's hot!! it's a 12 now!!

m spot said...

yes, yes, and yes. it WAS amazing. i particularly appreciate the shout out to miss air flamenco's driving. she's honored.

ali, can't wait to play again soon.

even if you're dead inside.