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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Obsessed... with 'The breezeway' (Day 1)

Ok, so as you all know, I moved into the cutest house EVER! If there are any doubts to the cuteness of this house I could give you a list of various and sundry references. I can not be certain these references will attest to the sheer cuteness of my house as much as they will definitely attest to the supernumerary times I have used the word cute to describe it. I would be lying if I pretended that it doesn't make my heart smile when guys mimic me and say it's cute! And, I would also be remiss if I failed to mention that I am probably a wee bit obsessed (or a lot) with my house. It's highly possible that I have an unhealthy love for it! It has been the cause of many sleepless nights (in the past two weeks I have stayed up until 2 AM, 4 AM and 5 AM trying to finish projects)!

And, now to feed my obsession, for the next few days we will be viewing our new house... room-by-room (this will also keep me motivated to finish)!

Today's highlighted room... ‘the breezeway’. I am not entirely sure what most people would do with this room, but our kitchen is huge, so we put a table in there. I think maybe 'the breezeway' was intended to be a more formal dining area. But, since neither Wendy nor I are all that formal, we like to call it 'the breezeway'. See, she has a ridiculously rich uncle and he ACTUALLY has a house that is grandiose enough to ACTUALLY contain a breezeway. Well, to us that's what our house feels like. So, I introduce to you 'the breezeway.'

Statistics: This room is the portal to the kitchen, the family room and the backyard. It is about 10 feet wide and 12 feet long (I am guessing here). It has cute yellow walls and white baseboards and ceilings and Pergo wood flooring. At the moment, this is the only room in our house that is completely finished (with the exception of the herbs that need to be planted in the ceramic pots)!

'The Breezeway' Shout Outs: I would like to thank my mom for being the best mom EVER. Just when I think she couldn't get any better she got a job working for William-Sonoma (parent company of Pottery Barn! - Love that) and she totally redeemed herself! I would also like to thank her for raising me to be a daughter who is obsessed with fresh flowers and live plants! I would like to thank the movers (Aaron, Erik, Helaman and Mike) for moving in my kind of heavy bench and inviting us to the “gun show” – that was for you Erik. Special props to He-man for hanging my mirror, it was beast, but he pulled it off. And, the shelves were hung by my roommate Wendy, who never fails to remind me "remember when I was amazing?!? Oh wait, I still am!" And, ladies and gentlemen, it's no lie - she is AMAZING!

Sponsors: Bench, shelves and ceramic pots - Pottery Barn (I don't usually shop at stores with the word 'barn' in their titles/names, but for Pottery Barn CLEARLY I'll make an exception). Mirror - Pier 1. Curtains (which are actually shower curtains, but I LOVED them too much not to convert them into regular curtains) - Cost Plus. Curtain rod - Target. Baskets and vases - IKEA (Those Europeans sure know how to make some fine cheap furniture and home decor! - But, can we talk about their instructions!?!)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's room-of-the-day... (I'd like to tell you what it is, but I am not sure what will be finished by tomorrow, so you'll just have to check back and see...)


Vanilla Vice said...

Speaking of BREEZEway, your house is FREAKING cold. But I'm sure you already know this.

Your house is adorable.

Kari & Matt said...

I use Photoshop Elements 6. I got it for Christmas, too. I was trying to decide between that and regular Photoshop cause I was skeptical of elements, but I'm a big fan. Which do you have? You should check out this lady's website: It shows you how to do all kinds of cool things. That's how I'm learning it all.

The last Unicorn said...

I can almost feel the cool air blowing against my skin just looking at these shots! Your house is so cute and I love how you girls have decorated so far. You have so many hidden talents... I am impressed! I will stay tuned for more.

Dani said...

Ali! Cute blog! It's so good to see what you're up too!:)

Jordan said...

Thanks for your comment! Your knew place is fantastic!!

Paige said...

Love the Breezeway....Love decorating...Love spending money on house stuff...Love Ali B.

ambyr said...

ALi!! I am in love with your cute house!!! I so wish I could not worry about kids messing and breaking everything and just decorate like I want it!! You're soo lucky!! I love your wood floors. We have that and It makes cleaning up messes a lot easier! Check out my little family-

As My World Turns said...

wow your house looks amazing now! Do you remember how to use your TV now :)?