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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Obsessed... with 'the kitchen' (Day 3)

Ok, so don't ask me why I put 'the kitchen' in quotes. Let's be honest, it is called a 'kitchen' by most everybody! But, in sticking with the theme.... I introduce to you 'the kitchen'.

Statistics: According to Dizzy, the kitchen is approximately 14 x 16. It's HUGE! It has large tiles and dark counter tops. There is a chandelier (of sorts - whatever a less fancy version chandelier is) which is altogether too low, about 12 guys hit their heads on it when they were over for the Superbowl party. But, it's cute! We have a walk-in pantry! We have Seinfeld-esque supply of cereal therein. And, Wendy would like all of you to ooooooh and aaaaaaaah at the cute trash can.

'The Kitchen' Shoutouts: The refrigerator was dropped by Erik and now the temperature inside is a little off (Thanks Erik). The kitchen was strategically organized by Robin (who threw very little away, actually). The table was damaged by Helaman and Mike, but Aaron took it back and got a new one that Dizzy built because she's AMAZING! And, guess what I carried that microwave in myself because I have freakish upper body strength - that's right, I do!

Sponsors: Table (1 and 2) - Target. Fridge - some weird guy I located off Craig's list who lived in a very shady part of Anaheim that smelled entirely of feet. Sugar, Flour, Sugar Containers - Cost Plus. Photo hanger - Pottery Barn. That cute white flower holder - Jan (a.k.a. my mom) bought for me, because she's the best mom ever!


Aubrey said...

Honestly, I can't wait to come see this cute house. And in answer to your question. I am still waiting to hear back from the owner of the CDM house to see if he'll accept a lower offer. (They pretty much try and rape the renters in that part of town.) So...price pending, I might be on my way back to the Newport Coast ward. Hooray!

The last Unicorn said...

I love your kitchen and I am seriously jealous of your pantry!

Stacy Girl said...

Ali, So I have been secretly keeping tabs on you and your house showing on your blog. Can I just say I absolutely adore it. This just makes me want to come visit you even more. I just wanted to say that I love all the cute pictures and I LOVE you!