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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obsessed... with 'the backyard' (Day 4 - Sorry for the Delay)

Again with the quotes...'the backyard' is pretty much what everyone calls a backyard... but, don't forget, there's a theme here.

Our backyard is so so so so... you guessed it - CUTE.

Statistics: The backyard is about 24' x 36' (once again, an estimate). There are 2 trees, one concrete pad which is perfect for the hammock! I have wanted a hammock since I moved from my childhood home in Santa Barbara. I always loved that thing! And, this weekend it got a lot of good use. We have a patio with 2 little tables and 4 little chairs. We have a FABULOUS Bbq grill, which we have also put to great use. There are plants and plant stands, tulips in pots and the CUTEST doormat ever! And, we have a chicken coup (in case we ever want chickens). Plus, this weekend we (meaning Karen and Wendy - I supervised) planted flowers in the flower beds! Oh how I love the backyard!

'The backyard' shoutouts: We need to thank Helaman and Mike for putting the grill together! They did it for hours and the best part was we forgot they were at our house, we never even made it home to thank them! Oops. (And, an honorable mention goes to Brian for fixing the side burner - yes you ARE amazing!) Helaman also put together the hammock (my FAVORITE part) and hung my plant shelf. Wendy and Karen were fabulous landscape architects. But, I ACTUALLY put together the patio furniture and planted the plants and tulips all by myself! I know, I too am AMAZING!

Sponsors: The hammock - Pottery Barn (of course). The Bbq grill - Home depot. The tables, chairs, lanterns and galvanized gardening bin 0 IKEA. Plant shelf - Marshalls. The CUTEST doormat EVER - Smith & Hawken.

And, as an added bonus for us (and for you guys) - 2 squirrels doing it like they do on the discovery channel!

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katy kathryn julia said...

Wow, yeah. That is truly a bonus. Thanks, Ali! By the way, that hammock looks VERY comfortable. I'm jealous.