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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Obsessed... with 'Dizzy's Bathroom' (Day 2)

My roommate's name is Wendy. She got nicknamed Wendizzle, which I think was a nickname borrowed from a way less "amazing" Wendy (or something). Anyway, Wendizzle got shortened to "Dizzy" so that's my roommate's nickname.

Moving On...

Dizzy's bathroom has some unfortunate pink tiles in it. The tiles are reaching their maximum potential now that we threw some "tumbleweed" paint on the walls. (It was originally the same yellow color as 'the breezeway' which did not work with the pink tile... but, now it does.)

Statistics: It is about 6 feet x 6 feet (maybe). Equipped with a sink, medicine cabinet, toilet and bathtub/shower combo. Dizzy's bathroom is located upstairs between my room and hers. The pink tiles presented a design challenge, which Dizzy overcame, because as we all remember, she is "amazing".

Dizzy's Bathroom Shout outs: I have to give Dizzy due credit for making her own bathroom rad... she painted, she hung the star and the hooks on the back of the door. And, thanks to Rudy and Helaman for putting up the towel rods. We could have done it without you, but it would have required us to stand and move about a lot more than we wanted to.

Sponsors: Paint - Lowe's. Star - T.J. Maxx. Towels - Mama Pugmire (Christmas present). Shower curtain and rings - Restoration Hardware. Bathmat - Pottery Barn.


Aubrey said...

You girls are so cute! Your house looks darling.

I'm so sad I missed out on your Super Bowl party. When can I come see it?

Ali B. said...

Aubrey, you are welcome anytime! You can add your interior design flare to it. We'd love that.

Hey did you ever end up getting that house in CDM or are you still in Laguna?

Naco said...

I'm just glad "Dizzy's" finally able to use her towels. She's been waiting for the perfect bathroom accessories...apparently the pink tile was what they were waiting for :)