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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just When I Thought My Boss Couldn't Get Any More Awesome...

He pulls something like this and TOTALLY redeems himself.

Joe hired a personal trainer for the office. Three years ago when I was complaining about not having enough time to train for the marathon I was running, Joe came up with a brilliant idea. He spent $20,000 to build a gym over the warehouse. It rocks. There is a yoga mat, medicine balls, Satellite T.V., towels (that some guy washes for us every week), water, and of course state-of-the-art workout equipment. It's sweet.

But, there something about sweating in front of your co-workers that seems unnatural. So, I hardly ever use it. (At least that's my excuse). Truth be told, I HATE weight training. I am such a wanker! I have had 2 personal trainers (one time each). Both of them let me talk them out of doing anything that would be in any way productive for my body, by the mere fact that I'd say "oh, yea, I don't really want to do that." Well, after I said that to every exercise I went home thinking 'remember when I thought it was a good idea to pay for that?'

Not this girl. Her name is Shaneqah or Shoshauna or Shaunshoa... whatever, something like that. And, she used to weigh 200 pounds. Now she looks fab! And, she kicked my butt this morning. I am supposed to go to lunch with J. Flo, but I feel like I should decline, since I can't even pick up a fork. My arms feel like noodles.

Sha...whatever (the trainer) asked me about my eating habits. I told her they were a bit tragic. She asked me what I had to eat for breakfast. I told her I had a cupcake. (Damn you Cori). She was not OK with that... no more cupcakes for breakfast (or any other meal). That sucks. What about Halloween candy? Think that would work?

She did tell me that I was ridiculously bendy! Cool huh? (Well, actually she said I was highly flexible, which in my vernacular is the same thing!)

She also told me that I weigh 135 pounds less than my boss! Turns out he can't eat ANYTHING for a while.

Anyway, I off to get lunch... hopefully the fork won't cause me problems.

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The last Unicorn said...

That is awesome! Ask Joe if he wants to hire a pilates instructor as well :) Then we can really put that "bendy body" of yours to good use... or maybe he has other ideas of how to do that!