To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, October 29, 2007

"You met the perfect guy, perfect in every way, but..."

You all know the game! I've made EVERYONE play it! It's the one that goes... "You met the perfect guy (or girl), perfect in everyway, but"... "he has to sleep in a coffin every night" OR "he wears a powder blue tux every Sunday to church" OR "she has a 3-foot tail" OR "he makes you weigh in every morning after you wake up" (my new personal favorite - thanks to Cori) "could you spend eternity with them?" You know how it goes, a you fill in the blank game to see what people's deal breakers are. It's a RAD game! It originated somewhere in the Pierside ward, I first heard it from Spencer Wixom (just to give due credit).

In real life, I guess we all play that game to some degree or another... not that I have ever met anyone perfect, nor am I remotely close on my own account, but still... on a small scale, we all kind of play that game.

Today, I had this one: 'You met the perfect guy, perfect in every way (except for the amazing amount of phlegm he's got going on daily), you've been in like with him for nearly 5 years, your roommate calls him McSteamy, he's brutally honest and has still given you the greatest compliments of your life which never appear disingenuous because they could only possibly be about you, and on a day like today when you are so sick you can barely lift your head up but still have to be at work he leaves to buy you DayQuil and Halls to keep you awake and make you feel better... BUT...

he prays to Budwiser every night!

Oh, and he has a live-in girlfriend who is 14-years his junior and looks like (or in all actually MAY be) a stripper.

Could you do it? Could I do it?

Most days, I'd say no, I have for quite some time... but, today I am massively sick, so hopefully I can make it through the day relying on my mental capabilities and not my emotional ones! I am such a sucker for people who want to take care of me!


Cori said...

I have seen him. He is McSteamy! Thus, I gave him that name at the Christmas party.

Brian said...

That really is a fun game to play...

m spot said...

i say go for it. you can take out the stripper any day.

p.s. thanks for your blog. it often gets me through my day!