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Thursday, October 11, 2007

'That Joke Never Gets Old...'

So, a little while ago I got this text message sent to me that was OBVIOUSLY not intended for me. It was from a guy I know. There are two main reasons I knew it wasn't for me. First, it was way cryptic, something about "getting cowboys" or something - sounded kind of brokeback, if you ask me. But, more importantly, it said "Hey Tami"... which, last time I check was neither my name nor any moniker I ever remember receiving. Anyway, Jonathan was in my office when this text came in and I read it aloud. I mainly just laughed thinking it was pretty funny, given the source and the situation. But, he REALLY laughed. I mean there is a high probability there was snorting involved.

But, I digress... the point is, this was like 2 weeks ago or something and Jonathan STILL finds it wildly entertaining. Since the incident I have only been called 'Tami', not my real name. I mean in every possible media, phone, email, text and all other general conversation. This is, of course, done with supreme laughter. He likes to switch up how he slips in the 'Tami' joke. It's really not THAT funny. But, today's version was pretty funny. Jonathan called while I was coming back from a meeting this morning.

Jonathan: Hey woman, where you at?
Ali: I am in San Bernardino. I am actually putting gas in my car right now and I am really glad you called.
Jonathan: What? Really? You're never glad I called. What's going on?
Ali: Well, there's this homeless man and he keeps hitting on me. I already gave the guy money. Now he's just gawking and talking.
Jonathan: laughing... breathe... laughing. So how's that working out for you? More laughing...
Ali: Quite well, actually. I am thinking of going out with him.
Jonathan: Well, at least he didn't call you Tami!!! Extreme laughing and then... wait for it... wait for it... SNORT... continuous laughing.
Ali: You're right Jonathan. The homeless guy probably does have a leg-up on that guy.

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Brian said...

I love jokes that keep getting funnier every time you hear them...