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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Third Wife (a.k.a. Tuesdays and every other Friday)

So, last week I volunteered to be a part of a fundraiser at the Irvine Hilton for Mitt Romney, more in support of my dear friend M.E. Clayton, than Mitt, but nonetheless - Go Mitt! I had to leave a work a little early, which, of course, spawned numerous conversations about Mormonism, AGAIN.

The polygamy thing... the jokes about them, the supernumerary questions about "Big Love", etc. - they NEVER get old (well at least not to the guys I work with). The V.P. of my company still asks me questions every week when he's done watching "Big Love". 'Does the head wife decide how many wives a man can have?' 'In real life, do all the wives get along well?' 'Why does one dress normal and one dress fancy and one dress like a Pilgrim?' Yada Yada Yada. I have told the man COUNTLESS times that I have never met a polygamist. He swears I am lying!

Anyway, the guys started pelting me questions to ask Mitt (like I was going to see him - but, his wife Anne WAS there)...

Jonathan: Who is Mitt Romney?
Joe R: You idiot, it's that Mormon guy who is running for President.
Joe F: I like him, I am going to vote for him. Can you get your picture taken with him? We'll put it on our company website.
Clint: Can you ask him how he gets his hair to stay all perfect like that?
Joe R: Can you ask him when you can drink and ...???
Me: He's not the Prophet Joe! He is just some guy who happens to be Mormon and happens to be running for President. If I call you and ask you for money on his behalf, will you give it to me.
Joe R: Not unless he lets you loosen up your standards.
Me: Forget it.
Joe F: Can you get your picture taken with him?
Jonathan: How many wives does he have?
Clint: Yea, ask him how many wives he has!
Me: You guys, do you REALLY think if men could have tons of wives, I would STILL not be married? I swear it is only ONE wife these days.
Jonathan: You WOULD make a good third wife.
Clint: Maybe a better forth.
Joe F: Don't forget about the picture!

On that note, this weekend, we decided that for Halloween we (Robin, Wendy, Cori and I) would be wives 1, 2, 3 and 4 to our very own Warren Jeffs (a.k.a. Aaron). Why not??? It already feels like we're on the Bachelor!


Paige said...

Thats hilarious. I love Mitt...I'm sure I'm partial to him, but still. I think that is a great halloween costume. Dre wanted to be a mormon missionary every year and wear a helmet and of course have a beer in his hand.

Robin said...

Please note that I will be wife #1, obviously :)