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Monday, March 26, 2007

Is this really a date?!?

So, I went on a date on Saturday.

How lucky am I?

This guy was darling! He was smart, funny, LDS, in law school, seemed nice, real cute, super sweet, paid for my meal... perfection...

Except, he wasn't MY date.

My friend had been set up with this guy that is the best friend of a mutual friend's little brother. But, she was too shy or nervous or something to go alone, so she brought me ON HER DATE!

It was so awkward. I didn't know when I agreed to hang out with her that I agreed to go on her date with her. But there I was, facilitating a date. AWKWARD!!!

Anyway, I decided that it's a good thing polygamy is out and done for, because I sure could never be the second wife...

Especially, when I am having enough trouble getting to be the first wife.


brooke said...

Oh... this is classic Ali. I am just relishing this post.

I need to know WHO, in this day and age, is inviting other chicks on dates with them to alleviate nerves??? I dunno... must be a CA thing. Here in TX, if you find a good LDS guy you duct tape yourself to him and run through eternity in a 3-legged race.
There will be no other broads on my date with a cute, funny, would-be lawyer! No ma'am!

Oh, Ali! You are hilarious!!! He didn't ask, but he paid, so are you counting it???...

Ali B. said...

I am totally counting it! Are you kidding. I am counting it twice is was THAT awkward. I think I should get extra credit for this one.

jen said...

This might be the funniest date experience I have ever heard. I am still laughing so hard. As I was reading this, I was thinking, "oh...ali never told me she was going on a date Saturday, I think she would have told me" and then I read the end.
Ali, you're the greatest!

Seymour Glass said...

1) can't believe your friend threw you under the bus like this. as if blind dates aren't awkward enough. she had to go and make it exponentially more awkward for all parties involved. if i were you, i'd have been pissed off.

2) really can't believe the guy still treated it like a date. i honestly think i'd have ended the date right there. i mean, if you don't want to go out with me, just say no. i can live with that. but maybe that's just me, i am a devoted monogamist.

3) and i really, really, really can't believe you didn't stop me at church and tell me about this on Sunday. i'm deeply offended and may never go back. in fact, i can guarantee you won't see me there again (this month at least).

f*bomb. said...

I really really wish you had just stopped midway through the meal and given him an ultimatim. Or, at the least, hollered, "NEXT!"