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Monday, March 5, 2007

My wedding is going to be WAY more fun than your wedding!

Pipe down. I am not getting married... not anytime soon (sorry mom). But, when I do, my wedding will be more fun than the average wedding.

A year or so ago, while sitting around in our P.J.s (most likely eating junk food), I was asking some friends of mine "if you could have anyone alive or dead sing at your wedding who would it be?" I got all the generic answers you'd usually hear, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Celine Dion, Micheal Buble, James Blunt, yada yada yada. Nope, not at my wedding! I wanted Lionel Richie! Who doesn't want to celebrate to "Dancing on the Ceiling", "Say you, say me", or "Hello" performed by the vocals of Lionel Richie??? I took a lot of heat for my choice and I have never backed down. I still say, give me Lionel!

But, yesterday my roommate went out of town, so I decided to catch up on some much needed TiVo time. So, I watched the Grammy's that we recorded a month or so ago. Pretty much I navigated through the 4-hour show at rapid pace, checking out the clothes mostly. And then all of the sudden I had to stop the fast forwarding entirely. What was that? Lionel Richie got nominated for a 2006 Grammy Award?!? I rewound it 3x. It is true. He REALLY did!

I have two feelings on this recently discovered triumph for my man Lionel. Complete victory and utter defeat.

1.) I feel so completely vindicated in my choice for a wedding singer. All you nay-sayers. Take That!

2.) But, now I will REALLY never be able to afford to have Lionel Richie at my wedding. Who would have thought he'd ever make a come back?!?

What are the odds that Mr. Big will make a come back? I may have split my vote now.


Paige said...

Ali..I love lionel..I just burned claire's lionel c.d. a little over a month ago. I love love love it. Especially when i'm at the Bellagio and I get to see a fountain show of "dancing on the ceiling".

Marian said...

I'll come. As long as we're dancing to Lionel. Otherwise, no way.

(I love your blog!)

f*bomb. said...

This man should win grammy's just for album covers. Where's the one of him in the "leaning" position? That one is frame-able.