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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No One Dresses Up for the Theater Anymore

So, on Friday, the less-awkward-but-not-by-much part of my weekend, I went to see Wicked with Claire at the Pantages Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. On this night I made 4 very important discoveries...

(1) It is never a good idea to eat at Subway while wearing tulle and fur, people tend to stare at the fanciness of it all.

(2) No one dresses up for the theater anymore. In all our fanciness, we followed in a pack of tweens who were wearing above the knee tube socks, flip flops and lots of denim. To which Claire remarked "it is NEVER OK to wear denim to the theater!"

(3) Turns out most people, not just me, can't go a whole 3 hours without snacking on something.

(4) You definitely need to go farther North on Hollywood Boulevard to find the names of any celebrities you've ever heard of on the star studded walk of fame, there aren't many good ones down by "Argyle Avenue." I guess the Barrymores are past "Vine Street?!?"

Nonetheless, Wicked was absolutely FABULOUS!


Marigold said...

I've worn jeans to the theatre. I think would even wear shorts and tank top if were in New York on a hot summer night...with no one to impress.

Paige said...

It's like when I discovered that it was totally in to wear prom dresses to go dancing. Not that I was okay with it. Its like when you wear high heals to move me to AZ. I love when I get to ask you if you are going to the prom.

Clean Slate said...

I dressed up when I went to Phantom in New York (I put on a skirt and a nice sweater at least). So I'm with you.

And now I'm sad that my tickets aren't until August. Though I'm still trying to find a date for the event...

f*bomb. said...

I never leave the house without a tube top and tube socks. EVER.

I see WICKED in less than 2 weeks- and I am SO WEARING FUR.

f*bomb. said...

I just saw WICKED.
I went with a theme- green eyeshadow and a corset over my dress. Seriously.

"I feel WICKED."