To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, March 2, 2007

My very own "after school special"

I finally gave in to the infamous line that has, for decades now, been making tweens on after school specials cave under pressure. “Everybody’s Doing It”… I decided to get a blog.

Ok, ok. So, people have been blogging for a while now... lots of people. Most recently my friend Brooke took up "blogging", and she doesn't even have an Ipod! Lindsay blogs, Reyna blogs, the list goes on and on. I must say, I find each of my friends’ blogs thoroughly entertaining. So, I decided to jump on the band wagon. I am a blogger now! I don't know when I plan to blog, I don't seem to have much free time. I guess I'll have to do it at work, shh... don't tell Joe. 11:33 - that's technically lunchtime right?!?

Besides being inspired by the blogging prowess of friends, I have decided that I have more random thoughts than most. It's about high time I document (a.k.a blog) these, so my family and friends (most living far far away) can miss me properly! - That being said, my mom called me a few months ago really excited "I got a new phone" she squealed delightfully "and it flips!" She still doesn't know how to check her messages though, bless her heart! Point being, I hope the people I know and love the most won't be prohibited from reading this great blog, due to their technological handicaps. I would hate to wax philosophical, in vain.

I will end my first entry with two final thoughts. The first would be a brief explanation of my Blog's name. Many of you know this story. But, many of you also know, I tend to repeat stories I like… A LOT. So you won’t mind hearing it again. When I was a small child I was a total ragamuffin. I was ALWAYS filthy. My other sister, Jennica, was a pristinely groomed child. One day we arrived home from school. I believe I was in "ginderkarten". My mom took one look at us and asked how I managed to get so incredibly dirty every single day, while my sister was always so clean! To this I replied "Dirt just flies up and hits me", a mantra that has followed me throughout my life, albeit more figuratively than literally these days. (I am proud to say, most of the time I come home pretty clean. I would also like to note that my sister often brags about not showering for 4 or 5 days on end! - Who knew?!?)

Secondly and lastly (for now) - I am long winded! – Another trait I am sure you are all painfully aware of. Aren’t I darling?!?

(This should be so much fun).


Marigold said...

blogging is the best!

Reyna said...

I remember the "dirty" days, and the visual of us as flithy messes (I was as dirty as you I believe) makes me giggle. I love that you've joined the blogging ranks. I love you!

Johnny Blue Star said...

In all my childhood pictures, my knees are black with mud. I still remember 6th grade, when I figured out that soap actually does remove dirt. This was the second most convenient discovery about soap. The first was years earlier when i learned that, although pink and yummy smelling, bar soap never tastes like one would predict.