To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Lenten Season

Ok, so most of you know I am not Catholic, and after a few discussions at work lately, I believe that I have forced an understanding that I am not Amish either...

JF: "I hear Amish people don't have to abide by the same laws as the rest of society is that true?"
Ali: "Ummmm... I don't know, you DO know that I am not Amish right?"
JF: "Yea, I have seen you drive a car, but besides that it's the same thing, right?"
Ali: "Are you serious?"

Nonetheless, I kind of like Lent. It feels good to have to give something up for a time. (However, I don't buy into the not eating meat or pork or whatever on Fridays business, the fisherman aren't at a loss anymore, that just seems to be inconsequential these days.) Anyway, I usually give something up for lent… which tends to really confuse the people around me.

So, this year I have to say, I may have missed the Lenten spirit. I gave up feeding the Missionaries... WHAT?!? It was too hard! I don't cook. They live in a gated community. And, most nights I don't get home from work until their bedtimes. And, it was stressing me out!!! And, and, and… So, I took a few months off. (I really am serious, ask Cori).

And, it seems I decided to abandon another righteous act, being nice.

I used to be nice. I used to be really do-everything-for-everyone-can't-ever-say-no-anyone-need-a-kidney NICE. But, apparently... not so much anymore. I almost made a lady that I work with cry!

You see, I work for a Contractor, therefore it is pivotal that we have a current contractor's license at all times, for legal purposes. So, it seems that the individual in charge of renewing this license "forgot" after at least 6 reminders from me. And when I pressed her about the issue, not raising my voice at all, but a bit more stern than I usually am, she said "please don't make me cry."

Are you kidding me?!? I was vacillating between saying one of these two things (1) "You are a 47-year-old woman, get it together!" or (2) "There's no crying in baseball!"

But, no, I ended up saying, "I am sorry, I am not trying to make you cry, but this was REALLY important and you're acting like its trivial." To which I received another, "please don't make me cry." I was at a loss, so I turned around and walked back upstairs, where I work with 12 men who NEVER put the toilet seat down, and I found myself strangely OK with that... at least there were no threats of emotional breakdowns.

Is lent almost over yet?


f*bomb. said...

Nice is for suckers.

Favourite SNL Update quote:
Ash Wednesday- when all of a sudden your coworker go, "Look! I'm religious!"

Seymour Glass said...

i'm with you f*bomb. nice is for suckers. that's why i'm addicted to House. he's my new hero. and besides, you have a religious obligation not to be nice. why do i say that? jesus wasn't nice. now before you stone me as a heretic, read the new testament and tell me he was nice when dealt with the pharisees or the lawyers (no one should be nice to a lawyer, it's the 11th commandment).

Ali B. said...

Technically, my dad is a lawyer. Do you suppose if I cease to be nice to him I would still be "honoring" him? Seems like I am in a conundrum here! I say the 5th commandment is more important than the 11th. Correct?

f*bomb. said...

Niceness doesn't mean much unless it's honest.
And unfortunately, a lot of people take honesty the wrong way. To which I say, it's their own f*ing problem.

k8 said...

i don't give up anything for Lent. We're Mormons, we've already given up all the good stuff.