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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fuman Skeeto?!?

In my family we have this saying when we play games, "you win, but you lose." It is used to express that by the rules, you win, but by the mere fact that anyone (in particular the person blurting out the absurdly true answer) who knows something so lame is a loser.
I understand that "loser" may be a harsh word. But, hear me out...

So, a week or so ago, we were all just bumming around our house (which is now so divinely decorated in Christmas joy and festivity). And, we decided to play 90s trivial pursuit.

So here's the question (in general - not exactness): What is the name of Chris Kirkpatrick's clothing line?

WHO ??? (For clarification for those of you NORMAL people who do not know, Chris Kirkpatrick - at least I think that's the name - is a member of N'Sync or the Backdoor Boys or some similar boy band!

He has a clothing line??? - SCARY!

So, Melissa Stiles busts out with "Fuman Skeeto". Which is correct. And for which we ALL agreed that she won, but she also lost!
FYI - Melissa was on my team, and we won... but, I am not sure we should have.
P.S. For the record, they got sued for having too close a company name as another company.

P.S.S. Are you kidding... that was just the excuse FMS used for going under, because there is no way anyone would buy these TRAGIC duds! Right???

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